Self-Defense For Yourself, Your Family And Your Business

Unfortunately Crime is on the rise. No matter where you live and work where there are people, some one will be unhappy. Its called human nature. No one can predict the future, but there is always something's that can be done. * The 2005 F.B.I. CRIME REPORT * VIOLENT CRIME INCREASED 2.3% * FORCIBLE RAPE DECREASED 1.2% * ROBBERY INCREASED 3.9% www.fbi and use .org Like the Boy Scout's ma to "Be Prepared" It will increase the odds that you may prevent something from happening to {You and Your's}. The first thing to think about is there are many situations that may occur and to be aware of them. That way you may not have to experience a "Bad Seen" to learn from it. The best way to learn is from other people's experiences's. Be proactive buy doing something, anything, that will give you some peace of mind. The key is not to become a victim. Three things you can do.